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The Water for Arizona Coalition is a community of Arizonans who support innovative practices and smart policies to ensure a reliable water supply to meet the state’s needs. The Coalition was recently recognized by Campaigns and Elections for "Best Website for Issue Advocacy " and as an Arizona Capitol Times “2020 Leader of the Year” for their efforts in protecting Arizona's most valuable resource. Organizational support is provided by solution-oriented groups like American Rivers, Audubon Arizona, Business for Water Stewardship, Environmental Defense Action Fund, and Western Resource Advocates that collectively have over 60,000 Arizona members, as well as hundreds of hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreation enthusiasts across the state. Kevin Moran, a longtime Arizonan and former government relations consultant, is the Chairman of the Coalition.

Kevin Moran
Chairman of the Coalition
Kim Mitchell
Western Resource Advocates,
Senior Water Policy Advisor
Haley Paul
Audubon Arizona,
Policy Director
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Todd Reeve 
Business for Water Stewardship,  Director
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Sinjin Eberle
American Rivers,
Colorado Basin Communications Director