Fact Sheets

Recent changes in 2018 Farm Bill programs provide new opportunities to substantially reduce losses and conserve water through voluntary incentive measures that, if fully utilized, are essential to ensuring sustainability of the Colorado River. The next step is connecting Farm Bill funding with Arizona producers to help facilitate innovative projects to lessen the supply and demand imbalance that exists on the river and provide long-term water security for our state.

The Water for Arizona Coalition supports SB 2895 that reforms Subsequent Irrigation Non-Expansion Areas in Arizona. The ability to plan for the future is a core element of smart water planning that has helped build Arizona's reputation as a leader in water management. Yet, many of our rural communities do not have forward-looking water planning tools available to them.

The Water for Arizona Coalition (WAC) supports HB 2896, allowing county boards of supervisors to establish Rural Management Areas (RMAs) to allow for local planning and management of groundwater resources in rural areas. Groundwater is an essential resource, especially for Arizona’s rural communities. It is the water supply for homes, industries, and agriculture. In many areas of rural Arizona it is the primary or even only available water supply.

The Water for Arizona Coalition supports HB 2675 as amended in Committee. On the heels of 19 years of drought, and recent commitments to import less water from the Colorado River, 2019 made clear that Arizona needs to make the most of every drop of water in order to maximize economic, community and environmental benefits across the state.

The Water for Arizona Coalition (WAC) seeks additional General Fund dollars to support the Department of Water Resources and its mission.  ADWR suffered deep budget cuts following the Great Recession that continue to constrain the agency’s operations and, perhaps more importantly, its ability to ensure long-term, reliable water supplies to support Arizona’s communities and economy – from all sources - Colorado River water, groundwater and Arizona surface water.