Protecting Rural Groundwater

Although groundwater is the only source of water in many rural parts of Arizona, groundwater is unregulated, threatening the future of local economies and communities.


ASU finds groundwater contributed to nearly 45% of Arizona GDP

Impacts of Unrestricted Pumping

We’re already seeing the impacts of unrestricted groundwater pumping in some rural areas.

Homeowner wells going dry

Flows in rivers and streams declining or even disappearing

Less water for agriculture and communities

More landowner conflicts

Resources & Tools

The Water for Arizona Coalition provides resources to help local communities understand, discuss, and tackle groundwater management issues to build more resilient water supplies and protect their futures.

Latest News

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On sunbaked farmlands where alfalfa and corn grow alongside pistachio orchards and grapevines, pumps hum as wells draw water from underground and send it flowing to fields.

Environmental Defense Fund

With dozens of water bills introduced in the Arizona Legislature this session, EDF Action and the Water for Arizona Coalition are focusing on long-overdue steps needed to ensure water security for all, especially rural communities that face high water risk.

Audubon Arizona

It is a flurry of activity right now at the Arizona Capitol, where the state legislature is considering numerous groundwater management-related bills.

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